Video: The future of HPC from the IBM SC18 booth

While at SC18, Ellexus CEO Rosemary took the time to visit the IBM booth to share her thoughts on the future of the HPC industry. Watch the video of her interview here.

The future of HPC

There is an awful lot of change going on in the HPC sector, not least in system telemetry and I/O profiling. For many organisations, it has become a real challenge to manage the amount of data being generated today. The tools available to help can create yet more overhead. Organisations need to focus on having the infrastructure in place to be able to use data efficiently.

While cloud computing is bringing a range of opportunities and flexibility to HPC, it is also bringing a new set of challenges. Organisations need to gain a better understanding of their workloads to make sure they select the right storage.

Cloud won’t always be the right choice for each workload; what’s important is to get the right combination of on-premise and cloud storage. This can be achieved by understanding the dependencies of each workload.

The next generation of HPC

AI presents even more challenges for HPC, particularly in terms of scale. Each iteration comes with different compute and I/O patterns that will increasingly shape the availability of hardware and software systems around us.

Investing in the future users and creates of HPC systems is vital for progression. Rosemary is personally involved in the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which has just announced that it is creating a National Centre for Computing Education in Cambridge, UK, the home of Ellexus.

Through this facility, every child in England will have access to a computer science education. This is a game changing step for all compute sectors.

Watch the IBM video for more from Rosemary on the future of the HPC industry.