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Software deployment and tuning problems solved

Ellexus makes tools to solve the problems that arise when deploying and tuning Linux applications. Our software carries out dependency analysis and IO profiling to help IT managers and engineers ensure their applications are using a high performance computing cluster as it should.

Our product suite Breeze is used by organisations engaged in high performance computing around the world, such as the global semiconductor industry and genome-bioinformatics sectors.

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Mistral - Load balaning for share storage

new product: Mistral

New to our tool suite for 2016

A ground breaking load tool for balancing shared storage, developed in collaboration with the IT department at ARM Holdings. Mistral is able to:

  • Monitor application IO and IO performance across the cluster in order to identify rogue jobs and hotspots
  • Load balance shared storage by automatically throttling IO in problem jobs and applications.

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Breeze HPC Cofiguration quality - Ellexus


Displays the information you need to solve installation problems

Breeze helps IT managers and engineers to solve installation problems with Linux applications, to improve environments and to optimise shared file system use in high performance computing environments.

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